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What we do

Started off as a trader in bark products, Agricon has developed itself to a leading producer and distributor of a large range of nature- originated products. From decorative bark products to potting soil, from charcoal for garden-BBQ's to biofuels: Agricon provides the quality solution at all times. In bulk or packed in bags, under Agricon brand name or as private label: all according the clients' wishes.

Who we are

Agricons factory space in Kwaadmechelen (Ham) exists since 2004. Nearby motorway intersection E-313-314,
but also adjoining the Albertcanal, one of Europe's most important waterways.
Mother company Agricon focuses on trade and production of tree bark, premix substrates and soil covers,
but is also one of Europeans leading distributors of wood pellets, hardwoodbriquettes and firewood.